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ATERM Graphical Terminal


  • ATERM is a Java application so Java 8 must be installed
  • ATERM uses the HTTPS protocol so transmission of data is encrypted
  • ATERM presents a terminal window into which you can type service commands so ATERM is generally only for advanced use
    • You can use ATERM in GUI and CLI (scripting) modes (see above link)


  • In ATERM, when you are specifying namespaces (folders or directories), you have to specify the full path. That means you have to know what it is.
    • You should be advised by whoever makes your project what its path is
    • Our projects are all created under the parent /projects
    • There may be a further parent layer for some projects such as /projects/cryo-em and that's where its projects are
    • You can use Unix-like commands “pwd, cd, ls” to see where you are in the hierarchy, to change namespaces (directories/folders) and list the contents.
    • You will only see namespaces that you have access to.
  • Ping
    • A really useful capability is the ability to ping the Mediaflux server and measure the bandwidth available from your host to the Mediaflux server. Here is an example. It's like running the Unix perf tool.
    • ATERM> ping 100MB
  • Downloads
    • A very useful command is download which enables you to download namespaces or assets to a local file system. It will only download assets with content.
    • ATERM> help download
    • Examples are as follows.
      • In both cases, -ncsr 2 means use two simultaneous threads (don't use too many you will exhaust your bandwidth) and the -filename-collisions skip directs the command to skip files you already downloaded (so you can restart).
      • In both cases the last argument is the path on the local file system.
      • The first case downloads an entire namespace (and children). The second downloads only assets which were created more recently than 7 days ago in a particular namespace (using the flexible where query clause)
      • ATERM> download -ncsr 2 -namespace “/projects/proj-demo-1128.1.3/baskets” -filename-collisions skip “/Users/nebk/data/baskets”
      • ATERM> download -ncsr 2 -where “namespace>=/projects/proj-demo-1128.1.3/baskets and ctime>='TODAY-7DAY'” -filename-collisions skip “/Users/nebk/data/baskets”
  • Uploads
    • ATERM> help import
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