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This means somebody else wants to share data with you and they have sent you a URL which you can use to retrieve the data (see methods below).

When you download data via a direct shareable link, it will download the data into a container (e.g. a zip or tar or aar [Arcitecta container]). After downloading the container you will have to unpack it. Note that zip containers are poor for anything other than small (few GB) data

Direct shareable links are a poor way to distribute big data because

  • The data are packed in a container and so you need double the storage
    • If the process fails (very likely over a long time) you have to start over
  • We do not recommend direct shareable links for anything more than a few tens of GB as they are not robust.


There are a variety of methods to download the data via the URL.

  • By far the simplest is to paste it into your browser and press return, this will activate a download process managed by the browser.
  • For more advanced users familiar with Unix command-line tools (which you might use in a script)


You need to unpack the container to access the data

  • You can get the tool to unpack Arcitecta aar containers from our downloads page
  • Almost all operating systems support unpacking zip or tar files (either with dbl-click via graphical interfaces or command-line tools)
  • The container will be unpacked into a structure reflecting the original data.
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