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Secure FTP

  • sFTP clients are commonly found on Desktops (e.g. FileZilla and CyberDuck) as well as generally being available va command line clients (e,.g. sftp on Unix systems)
  • sFTP encrypts data during transmission and some clients (usually the graphical ones) can transfer data in parallel
  • Here is now to connect via Secure FTP
  • sFTP provides access to your Mediaflux project data via 'mount points'. These are found under /Volumes. So navigate to /Volumes and there you will see all mount points (projects). However, you will only be able to access your own projects, so navigate inside your project with the standard sFTP commands/interface
  • Just use the standard sFTP commands or interface drag-and-drop components supported by whatever client you are using to upload or download your data
  • If your sFTP client supports parallel transfers so it has some advantage for big data. use carefully. Start with perhaps 2 parallel transfers and generally don't use more than 4. If you use large numbers of threads you will compromise your own computer as well as perhaps the server.
  • Usually, graphical clients like FileZilla and CyberDuck also support restarts in that they allow you to configure what to do with files that already exist on the client (your) side.
  • Make sure that client timeouts (e.g. FileZilla) are set to something large (or disabled) if you are dealing with large files.
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