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SMB (Network File Share of which CIFS is a type of SMB)

  • This is only available within the University of Melbourne network permiter
  • SMB does not encrypt your data during transmission
  • Here is how to connect via SMB
  • SMB clients are ubiquitous (e.g. the Mac OSX Finder, Windows Explorer) making this a very attractive protocol
  • SMB is an in-situ access mechanism, that is, you can access your files directly without needing to copy them
  • If you do want to copy them, just drag and drop data to and from Mediaflux like any other network file share file share.
  • There are limits to the scalability of SMB. It won't cope well with very large numbers of files.
  • SMB does not transfer data in parallel so it is not the most efficient mechanism for big data
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