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 performance benefit from additional threads. performance benefit from additional threads.
-=== Other Tools Relevant to Spartan === 
-   * Sinks 
-      * These are Mediaflux constructs that define an end point that you can send data to from Mediaflux. ​ We typically have sftp and scp sinks defined. ​ With sinks, data can be transformed on the fly (e.g. in Neuroscience we often transform DICOM to some other format as the data are sent to a sink) 
-      * For big data, the restartable and parallel-transferral upload/​download clients (above) are a better choice than the sink. 
-      * The [[data_management:​mediaflux:​howto:​login_with_explorer| ​ Mediaflux Explorer]] has the ability to send data to sinks (see the video in the [[data_management:​mediaflux:​howto:​explorer_video_guide|Mediaflux Explorer how to videos]] 
-      * For Spartan, the Mediaflux server ''​''​ has a pre-defined sink for Spartan called ''​scp2spartan''​ that you can use to stream your data to Spartan 
-      * You need to supply your Spartan credential (not logged) to the GUI of the Explorer and path to send the data to 
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