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Secure FTP (sFTP)

Connect your favourite sFTP client (e.g. FileZilla, CyberDuck, sftp) to the server with these details

UniMelb Internal---

The SFTP user name is a combination of the Domain and Username of the Mediaflux account.

  • Local accounts: <Domain>:<Username>, e.g. VicNode:nkilleen
  • AAF Accounts: AAF:<Short-Name>:<Username>, e.g. AAF:unimelb:nkilleen
    • <Username> is your institutional username
    • <Short-Name> is a short-hand for your institutional name. The current list of short names is here
  • You can use port 21 or 9003. The service actually runs on port 9003 but we forward 21 to it. Because port 21 is in the standard range, you will always be able to access it. Port 9003 is non-standard, and your network firewall may not let you access it.

In this example I connect to the VicNode server with an AAF account via the command-line sftp client

sftp -P 21


sftp -P 21 -o User=AAF:unimelb:nkilleen

Note: We've noticed the first sftp command fails on Mac OS Mojave. So use the second command if you are on Mac OS Mojave. Otherwise the two commands should both work on other operating systems.

Once logged in by this method, all the known Project Volumes will be visible. Users will only have access to the project /Volumes folders of any collection they have rights to see just, as if it was a simple folder and file system. Filezilla is recommended for all desktop platforms (Linux, MacOS and Windows). WinSCP is known to work well for Windows users as does FileZilla and Cyberduck for Macintosh users.

If using FileZilla, we suggest use the site manager to manage connections, there are some issues with the QuickConnect mechanism.

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