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Uploading Data Into Mediaflux

Because Mediaflux supports a lot of protocols there are a lot of possible ways to upload and download your data. Users come in two categories of relevance:

  1. Those that have their own accounts (they might be local or via the Australian Access Federation) and who can directly authenticate to Mediaflux.
  2. Those that don't have accounts - here the users gains access via (usually temporary) secure tokens provisioned by somebody else. Of course, this mechanism can also work for users who have their own accounts as well - they just don't need those accounts in this instance.

1 Authenticated Users

This means you have an account and can log in directly to Mediaflux. The details on how to login with various protocols and interfaces are found in (see access mechanisms).

1.1 From the Vendor [Arcitecta]
1.2 From Research Platform Services, The University of Melbourne
  • upload client - Efficient, restartable, synchronizable upload client (one of several clients described on this page)
  • checking client - Efficient client that checks the local file system against assets in Mediaflux (one of several clients described on this page).

2 Non-Authenticated Users

We do use secure tokens to authenticate upload clients to Mediaflux. However, these are generally for instrument facilities and will be deployed as part of a process to deploy Mediaflux with that instrument.

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